Nonprofits: Prove Your Impact

“It’s no longer good enough for nonprofits to say “we are addressing real needs. You need to prove your impact and that you are making a real difference,” says Shannon Morales impact expert and founder of CaseMGR Solutions. She joined me on my Milestone Mindset LIVE and shared how to document your impact to continue to get the funding, board support, and social proof you need to continue serving others.

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Can you prove your impact?

At CaseMGR Solutions we believe that all organizations should have access to the resources and tools they need to better serve their communities and prove their impact.

Far too often, the people who are most impacted by problems in their communities have the smallest voice in promoting solutions and accessing resources.  Small non-profits are frequently an afterthought because they’re seen as having good intentions but no measurable impact.  At best this leads to inadequate funding but more often it results in being left on the fringes under-resourced and under valued.   One of the ways to overcome this is to develop a nonprofit impact model and the data tracking tools to support it.  

“It is no longer good enough to make the case that we are addressing read needs. We need to prove that we are making a real difference.” 

Richard P. Morales, Deputy Director of Latino Coalition for Community Leadership which is an intermediary organization that finds, forms, funds and features over 150 grassroots faith and community based organizations across the US since 2004.

Based on our experience and research we have developed a streamlined approach to creating and utilizing a timesaving framework to support your organization’s intended impact.  We will be sharing each step of developing and implementing this model through our 5 part series; Building a Nonprofit Impact Model.  Click here to read Part 1 of our series titled, “ Defining Your Impact: What is your Why?”