CaseMGR is the one and the only tool that allows your team to access and log daily activities from any browser or mobile device.


CaseMGR Bridge: Receive Outside Referrals

Participants can be referred directly to your organization through a secure online form saving time and improving communication.
Easily share a link to your customized referral form by emailing or embedding it on your site.
Manage your referrals directly from your Referral Dashboard.

CaseMGR Engage: Text Communication and Form Completion

Communicate with and gather information directly from Participants and other stakeholders through text messaging functionality.
Simplify and increase your communication by using CaseMGR to view, document and generate text messages.
Securely collect data in minutes by creating and sharing a Participant form through a personalized text message.

CaseMGR Achieve: Streamlined Reporting

A streamlined, easy to use reporting tool that includes tables and graphs to help visualize your community reach and impact.
Analyze and manage your participant data in real-time.
Create and configure reports by applying basic or advanced filters.

CaseMGR Design: DIY Customization Tool

A built-in customization tool that allows organizations to quickly adapt to changing reporting requirements.
Easy-to-use, drag and drop interface that allows you to create, modify or duplicate existing fields within a form.
Add role-based permissions to hide sensitive data collected by users.

Additional Features

Manage Your Caseload

Optimize your time by assessing and managing your team's caseload.

Track Participant Activities and Assessments

Automate your day by easily submitting, updating and viewing participant forms.

Document All Communications

Quickly document and review participant communication notes and correspondence.

24/7 Technical Support

Technical Support is available and free of charge, regardless of the size of your organization.

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