Frequently Asked Questions

The quick answer is no. We have worked very hard to ensure that CaseMGR is sustainable for organizations by building it as a customizable yet manageable system so organizations can build and update their own forms and reports, and import their own data.

CaseMGR does not play pricing games to get you reasonable price and terms. We do not charge based on lengthy contracts, knowing how difficult it is to forecast revenue and expenses. We only require a 1-year contract and then allow for month-to-month contract that can be terminated with a 30-day notice. CaseMGR Solutions reasonable price is afforded to all organizations, not only those that can sign long-term multi-year contracts. Click here for our Price Calculator.

CaseMGR does not have an automatic annual subscription cost increase. We strive to keep our pricing consistent and as reasonable as possible.

The only functionality that is an additional fee is the SMS text functionality available in CaseMGR. The cost is $1.25/line per month, and $200 per 10,000 texts.

As a cloud-based service, CaseMGR is not computer specific. CaseMGR works across all recent versions of web browsers and devices.

Implementation timelines depend on the size of the organization, number of programs, staff availability and any data migration needs. We have a set of basic implementation plans that can be customized as needed.

This is a question we get often and from our experience we have found that just like a non-profit organization, software is designed for a specific function and does great work when focused on its target. CaseMGR is built specifically for tracking who you are serving, what you are doing and the impact you are having in your community. We are continuing to explore ways to connect to other systems that work well for their individual mission while remaining HIPAA Compliant.

CaseMGR developed an import tool that streamlines migrating data from other systems into CaseMGR to ensure organizations can seamlessly continue their data entry and reporting. The time and expense related to data migration is dependent on the amount and quality of the data coming from the previous system. The CaseMGR team is experienced with exporting data from many different data systems which helps save time and budget.

User, Administrator and Reporting training is provided at no additional cost to our customers. We utilize various types of training formats to best fit each unique organization’s team including customized live virtual training, recorded training and online user guides.