Customer Referral Program


We value our users and believe the best way to share information about our CaseMGR software is through those who have had a great experience.

We know our users are very busy with their incredibly impactful work and would like to show our appreciation for any referrals by offering $250 to any referring individual whose referred organization purchases CaseMGR.

Referral Award: $250 check sent directly to the individual making the successful referral.

Successful Referral: Any direct referral that results in the referred organization purchasing CaseMGR.

Process for Referring: Referring individual sends an introductory email to Shannon Morales, that includes the following information and CCs the individual being referred:

  • Name of Referred Individual(s)
  • Name of Referred Organization
  • Email Address of referred individual(s)

Process for Award: CaseMGR Solutions will send the referring individual a check for $250 within 30 days of the referred organization’s first paid CaseMGR invoice.

CaseMGR Solutions Referral Program Terms & Conditions: click here to review and download.