Built on non-profit
and experience

A simple, affordable case management tool
for your team and a story for your community.


We Reject

We reject the myth that technology needs to
be complicated and expensive.


We Are

We are just like you, a non-profit
service provider who needs an affordable case
tracking system to demonstrate who we serve,
what we do and the impact we have.


We Believe

We believe that thoughtfully designed
technology can breathe life into data and reflect
the work you do and those whom you serve.



CaseMGR is the one and the only tool that allows your team to access and log daily activities from any browser or mobile device.


Manage Your Caseload


Optimize your time by assessing and managing your team’s caseload.

Track Participant Activities and Assessments


Automate your day by easily submitting, updating and viewing participant forms.

Communicate via Text


Simplify and increase your communication by using CaseMGR to view, document and generate text messages.

Document All Communications


Quickly document and review participant communication notes and correspondence.

Manage Your Schedule


Create and access all of your tasks and appointments, and automatically link them to individual participants.

Generate and View Reports


Analyze and manage your participant data in real-time using CaseMGR’s reporting tool.

Customizable Form Builder


Easy-to-use, drag and drop interface that allows you create, modify or duplicate existing fields within a form.

24/7 Technical Support


Technical support is available and free of charge, regardless of the size of your organization.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Monthly Yearly

Customization Investment

(year one only)

Annual Subscription

Per User

As low as $125


$20 / month (paid monthly)

CONTRACT TERMS: We understand the budgetary challenges and uncertainty facing non-profits. With this in mind, we offer flexible contract terms by simply agreeing to a twelve-month contract and a month-to-month contract moving forward.

Our Story

At CaseMGR Solutions, we reject the myth that technology needs to be burdensome and expensive. Together we are a multi-talented team with a combined 60 years of non-profit, case management and government technology experience. We appreciate organizations who value their communities and are passionate about leveraging technology to help our partners maximize productivity and more effectively engage those whom they serve.

Official Non-Profit Partner: Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCCL)
The LCCL partners with community and faith based organizations from across the country, working together to solve the unique problems they face. Far too often, the people who are most impacted by problems in their communities have the smallest voice in promoting and providing solutions. Our communities are marginalized because we are seen as having good intentions but no measurable impact. The LCCL continues to disprove this by collecting robust and reliable data which is a tremendous asset and powerful ally in moving our communities from the margins to the mainstream. A reasonably priced data system with terms that non-profits can manage has become more important than ever, we are proud to partner with CaseMGR Solutions because it strengthens and keeps the focus on you, the community.

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